That thing that the other night I almost told you

We were doing that thing where we whispered things we love and it was your turn to ask and it was my turn to tell and my truest biggest answer was pounding in my chest so hard I thought surely YOU YOU YOU could hear–

But I got shy: what if you didn’t and what if you DID and then you went away and then you came back and then you went all Adam on me on my table and I went all Eve on you at the pond and then you needed to be alone and then you needed just to sleep and sleep and sleep and then I got scared

And today I am just one big long run on sentence with a loud-ass Greek chorus chiming in my ear for me to get my heart back on leash and reign it in in in so I don’t scare you away he doesn’t have time and he doesn’t have space and probably he doesn’t want you that way and anyway he probably only wanted you when you were hot and new and shiny

All of that is what is pounding in my chest and still the only thing I want to tell you is that thing that the other night I almost said

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